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Interview: Introducing Fuzay & His Involvement in the AR15 Mixtape

Fuzay began his musical journey at a young age and progressed into the Urban scene first becoming part of Grime Group Dog Pound. His passion for music has seen him progress to featuring in studio sessions with the likes of Wiley, Roll Deep and Sneakbo. 

It was through such sessions that his single “Too Much Swagger” ft Sneakbo came about. After being featured on GRM Daily, stupid DOPE and 50 Cent’s, hype surrounding him as an artist began to grow.

Come 2013 and he was snapped up by one of the hottest Independent labels in the UK, Alwayz Recording. His talents continue to grow under the label and he has had the chance to feature on their upcoming mixtape AR15: Concrete Jungle.

Fuzay stands out due to his approachable nature and great charisma. We got a chance to speak to Fuze about his involvement in the mixtape and more...


PS: Thanks for the intro Fuzay. So how did you become involved in the AR 15 project and can you tell us a bit about your collaboration?

F: Well, I’m a part of Always recording so that’s how I involved and yeah I collabed with a few artists but you’ve got to download it to check it out.


PS: Hows the experience of working on a project like this been?

F: Its been good, its nice meeting new artists and working with artists you haven’t worked with before. For me, I’m an up and coming artist so any artist I work with is a honor and a privilege. So I really appreciated the opportunity and was really excited and happy to work with the artists that I worked with.


PS: Do you enjoy the production side of things / produce any of your own tunes?

F: I executive produce, but for me its more rapping and leave other people to produce the beats for me.


PS: What are your ambitions and where do you see yourself in a years time?

F: On a big stage performing at wireless, or really just all the big festivals, stuff like that. Creating a core strong family! But yeah man just getting out there, connecting with fans, putting on good shows, making good music and making some good money hopefully.


PS: And do you think the AR 15 project is a good basis to push you forward towards those goals?

F: Yeah definitely you can see what its done for section and hopefully it does the same for everyone else, its just a good project and its good to be a part of it, its history in the making its something that’s never been done before!


Keep up to date with @Fuzayofficial on twitter for more tracks and updates!


Interview: Joshua Mac & James Goldring

Photography: James Goldring


Interview: Section Boyz on the AR15 Mixtape and Anthem 'Trappin Ain't Dead'

Up next in our series of AR 15 Concrete Jungle Mixtape interviews we caught up with Section Boyz, to find out how they started out, what it's like dealing with success and get the low down on their AR 15 anthem, 'Trappin Ain't Dead'.


Section Boyz are a group of childhood friends who all shared a passion for music. The crew are shutting down the scene at the moment with huge following and hype surrounding their tunes. Swift, Deepee, Sleeks, Knine, Inch & Littlez bring together their contrasting and unique rap styles in a way that excites and brings life to the tracks they flow over. After blowing up with tune 'Delete My Number', section have continued to establish themselves as a major force in the UK urban music scene with their 'Section Only' mixtape and have collaborated with major producers, such as 'Naughty Boy'.


Section Boyz - 'Trapping Ain't Dead' is a stand out track from the new AR15 mixtape. Since premiering a few months ago it has easily soared to over a million plays on YouTube. Reaching 1Xtra playlists and released on Link Up TV, the impact of this track was huge, with music fans and fellow artists hitting social networks to appraise Section Boyz for the track.


If you thought trapping was dead… You were wrong. 


Look out for 'Trappin Ain't Dead' and a host of other bangers on the AR 15 Concrete Jungle mixtape that can be previewed on Itunes now and will be available to buy on the 28th August, keep locked for the drop.


Q: How did you guys all come together and when did you get into music?

A: It was a natural thing we were all good friends from young so we’ve always been tight and Section formed from there. The same with music really, we’ve all been doing it together from when we were young.


Q: Who drives the group and do you guys ever work on projects of your own?

A: We all drive each other really there’s no one leader, we just feed off ourselves and always move as a group, so nah we don’t ever really work alone.


Q: How does the production side of your music work out?

A: We are all capable of producing but we tend to work with producers instead. For the AR15 track Nana Rogues produced it. Big up Nana!!!


Q: How did your involvement with the mixtape come about?

A: Social network makes everything easier. We got in contact with Baf and he explained the project and what was going on, we liked the sound of it so run it through everyone. We sorted out the dates and went ahead with it. Baf gave us a beat and we made “Trappin Ain’t Dead”.


Q: ‘Trappin ain’t dead’ and other tracks of yours have blown up in the last year or so. How has this changed things?

A: In the sense of everyday life people on the roads always want to take pictures, not that it’s a problem but its just something that happens, that never used to happen. People recognise us, which means they like our music. It’s a good thing.


Q: Your live performances go off. Is it hard to transit from the studio to performing live?

A: We found it natural. We try to have the same energy and the same feeling as when we are creating our music as when we are sharing it with the crowd.  With live performing, the crowd helps you get excited by giving us the response that they do. The response we get is just sick.


Q: Have you been allowed to listen to the whole mixtape if so, is there any surprise tracks or standouts?

A: We haven’t been able to hear it all, only snippets so far but everything we’ve heard are bangers. So my views is that the whole mixtape is a banger and I'm definitely gonna buy it when its out.


Q: With your own tracks do you ever get bored of listening to them?

A: No not really, we drive round listening to our own tracks and we are all fans of each other.


Q: After the mixtape drops what have you guys got coming up?

A: We have Don’t Panic, which is definitely one to watch out for, coming up and a mixtape project with 15 tracks on there, all bangers and all Section. Its going to be on itunes so just follow the social network. We have a twitter: @Sectionboyz_ and instagram: @Officialsectionboyz. 


Interview: Joshua Mac & James Goldring

Photography: James Goldring


Interview: Boss Baff & Tommy Bones on Orchestrating the AR15 Mixtape

We got a chance to catch up with the guys behind the AR15: Concrete Jungle project, a groundbreaking collaborative work that skims talent from the vast extent of the British rap scene. 

Boss Baff, head of UK label, Alwayz Recording and Tommy Bones, artist manager at GB Records are the pair driving the project. Both have proven their talents, helping push the careers of some huge artists, with Chip, Wretch 32 and Marvell all coming through the ranks of Alwayz.

Uniting over 50 artists across the UK rap scene, the eagerly anticipated mixtape is currently unparalleled in its diversity and scale. Bringing together the likes of; Skepta, Bashy, Stormzy, Kano, Devlin, Wretch 32, Chip, Blade Brown, Tempa T, Frisco, DVS, Yungen, Sneakbo, Ghetts, Section Boyz, Youngs Teflon and more, this project offers up collaborative sounds from leading talent in the scene.

We spoke to Baff and Tommy about orchestrating such a large number of artists for the mixtape and difficulties they came across including bad blood and postcode rivalries between those working on the project.

This performance of Helpless an upcoming track from the mixtape  with Wretch 32, Devlin, Swiss and Rebecca Garton gives some taste of whats to come.

Wretch 32: 'From my estate we got Baff who makes it happen'.

 Baff and Tommy have certainly made it happen with this mixtape that can be previewed on iTunes and will be available to buy on the 28th August so keep locked for the drop. 

PS: Thanks for chatting to us today, so how did management within the music scene come about for you guys?

A: (Tommy) For my whole life I’ve always had to manage scenarios. I’m from an estate background and I’ve always known how to and been a good manager of people. I never went school for this, I never took no course on management, don’t have a degree, but ive been running it for years now and its been successful. With the AR 15 project every artist that comes into the studio had a different way of being managed, so you have to assess. Some guys want to be loud and be the centre of attention, whereas some other guys want to go in the corner and write their songs by themselves. You have to manage everyone differently, I personally believe it’s a natural knack and some people just have it.


PS:  You guys definitely have this knack to get so many artists together to create something so special. Did the artists all separately record their own section or do they come in and work together on tracks?

A: (Baff) All songs worked out differently. Some people were there together writing, some people just came in and did their own verse and then we had to identify who might compliment which record and put it together from there. In some cases we wanted something a bit quirky or to get a collaboration that people weren’t expecting. But we kind of gave each artist a topic and an idea to work with.


PS: The task of putting together the concrete jungle project with over 50 artists must have brought logistical difficulties?

A: (Baff) Yeah man it turned my beard grey and I’ve had to die it, I’m walking around with a grey beard right now. Nah I’m only joking, it was enjoyable, I'd say it was an enjoyable struggle.

Studio’s being booked, cancelled, artists not turning up or coming later than expected. But it was actually fun to see some of these artists in their working environment, to see how passionate they are about their craft and how they actually feel about music. It allowed me to feel their pain and struggle, like some of them work really hard and unfortunately there just not at the platform they should be relative to the work they put in.

A lot to do with that is radio and press and all that because they kind of pinpoint the stars of the UK. For me one artist who I don’t understand why he doesn’t get enough playlist time would be Scrapz, because he has had the streets on smash for the longest time but he just cant get play listed. 


PS: Do you think the digital side of radio may help artists in this position such as Srapz, is that a positive force in the scene?

A: (Baff) That is a positive force, that’s a big big thing but that’s going to take a few more years for people to really be able to take everything from it. As long as we feel like this project and the work we’ve put in and the time and the money can open doors for the future we’d be more than happy to carry on doing stuff, as long as we get recognition for it. 

PS:  Back to the mixtape, which track was a standout for you guys?

A: (Tommy) As I represent a grime label I feel like Skepta, the Skepta, Kano and Bashy tune is massive.

(Baff) Skepta’s record with Bashy and Kano I think is an amazing record. I remember I had been waiting months for Skepta, but Skepta’s the kind of guy if he says something he’s gonna do it, he’s one of the real ones, Skepta keeps it real. So when he finally came, he came on his ones, ONE’S! Unlike a lot of other artists who come with unnecessary entourage. He came solo (Laughs)! We were playing him some ideas, some productions we did, and he just went absolutely crazy on it. And when he left he was like “Baff the rest is up to you”.

The hard thing about the project is because a lot of people didn’t know who they were gonna be on a record with, so some people were on records that they weren’t really too keen with who else was on it, but they kind of dealt with it cos they saw my vision. We’ve got another record that’s over 10 minutes long with 115 different artists on it, that records absolutely amazing because there all expressing the UK lifestyle whether you agree with it or not, it’s the truth. I think doing this project, a lot of people are from the streets and kind of feeling their pain they want to come out of it and music is the last hope in a sense. Me myself I grew up as a young guy from Tottenham in and out of trouble with the police, done so many things, now I pray every single day my kids don’t ever do none of the things I did. I was lucky enough to find my way out, through music.


PS:  We've heard there is tensions between some artists on the project was it difficult to get people together because of conflicts among them?

A: (Baff) I keep it real, coming from the streets I know theres postcode beefs and what not, so you have to be smart in managing a project like this. You cant have artists coming in with people from different areas that don’t really get along because it causes conflict and tension. I had to go to estates and sit down with guys and say listen this is the bigger picture in America there’s a lot of artists who don’t like each other but they do records together because it’s the business and its for the public.


Q:  Thanks for the insight, what’s to come for you guys next / after Concrete jungle?

A:  (Baff) We want to be marketing and pushing it for another 6 months after release, drop videos and try get as many of the songs as we can on playlist. Two songs we’ve pushed have both already hit playlist for 1Xtra who we’ve been getting great support from, as well as Capital, Kiss and MTV.

Were just trying to show a lot of these artists that were going to get them to a platform and increase awareness. If you go to a lot of these radio DJ’s and ask them to name 25 UK rappers I think they will struggle and we have over 50 on our CD, so its not easy at the moment


Interview: Joshua Mac & James Goldring

Photography: James Goldring



Listen To The New Mix "FEEL BETTER, WORLD!" curated by Erykah Badu


Erykah had this to say about the mix–which she’s entitled FEEL BETTER, WORLD! … LOVE, MS.BADU–when she uploaded it Friday evening:

LOVE, ms. badu


Video: JME 48 Hour Mixtape - Is it Possible!?

New series from Noisey >> This first episode documents JME undertaking a project attempting to create a mixtape in 48hrs in the run up to Wireless festival. He swiftly visits his friend Felix for some percussion, suggesting getting the 'skeleton' of the track down first is key. Talented Felix kills it on the drums neatly...JME's only got 48 hours so he moves quickly on to 54 Chalk Farm Road to hit up a shop called 'Ray Man' which specialises in world music instruments..JME's like a kid in a candy shop when he's sampling in this place...So many instruments, not enough time though...He gets the samples he needs and gets moving.

Next stop - The BBK CEO pics up Miraa May, a very talented Singer/ she put it "The Vocal Controller".  They head down to Smirks house in Islington to lay down the riddims. We get a glimpse of the incredible vocals Miraa May lays down for the project before they call it a rap. JME's then got a long night ahead of him putting parts of the project together.

The next day JME links with Poet & Shakka to finish the project off in style. We don't get to hear the whole project on this short film...But from what we've heard it's clear...

JME smashed it in 48 hours >> Be sure to check the video above...It's sick.