Jammz, Mic Ty & The Hip-Hop Orchestra - Eskimo

As part of 1xtra's MC month Jammz & Mic Ty take on Wiley's grime classic Eskimo. Who would of thought when Eskimo was made it would one day be played by an orchestra. Jammz & Mic Ty kill this one.

Skepta "Top Boy"

Noisey presents the new visual from Skepta for the track 'Top Boy' off his recent Tim Westwood mixtape. The footage is all taken from his recent tour of North America and Canada culminating at Drake's OVO Fest in Toronto. Hold tight for the full length documentary dropping soon.

Listen to the full track here:

#gimmegrime with Hypes, XP, JRage & LZ

Our main man, and original Pear Shaped Family member LZ rolls through 1xtra with Manchester hottest grime talent JRage, Hypes & XP. We can't stop playing their sets in the Pear Shaped office at the moment and its nice to see more of Manchester's grime talent getting air time over at 1xtra. Manchester has had a strong scene for over ten years now but it feels like people have only really started to realise just how strong in the last year. You can now catch LZ on Mode FM, aswel as his sunday show on

Chip - Run out of riddim

Chip is really back, twice in a week. At Pear Shaped we can't wait to see these two clash. 

Chip - Light work

Just when we thought the dust had settled and Bugzy was the new king in town, Chips back with a reply. What is proving to be the most exciting saga in the new wave of grime, its refreshing to see the beef unfold. We can't wait to see what happens next.

Spooky Collections (Must Watch)

Elijah hosts a special collections show with the Instrumental Grime veteran DJ and producer - Spooky Bizzle. Filmed at the legendary DNR garage record store in Croydon. This is a must watch >>

"Wiley is big, not as big as canary wharf. But he is big."

Now a whole lot of of time is spent talking about Wiley. Did he start grime? Will he turn up? Has he sold out? Is he the best? What can't be denied is that everyone's talking about Wiley these days, everyone's talking about Skepta, everyone's talking about Stormzy and everyone's talking about Lethal B. The whole scene has blown up. With the help of social media a small movement born in East London, that people couldn't even name, has a exploded on a worldwide scale.

These two documentaries show Wiley and the Grime scenes progression over a ten year period. From the "What you call it" days to his 2013 hit pop album Ascending. Both an interesting watch, but the comparison really shows what can be done in ten years with hard work and that East London swagger. Wiley has gone on to release more albums and mixtapes and will continue to do so because that's Wiley. Ascending wasn't a grime album, Wiley would be the first person to tell you that, It is however the pop album that made Grimes godfather a pop star and what that has done for Grime is amazing. Obviously Wiley's not solely responsible for this, but he seems to have played a huge part at some point in every talented MC's career.

Ghetto Esco's Spirit

07 September 2015