A rap record from 1968? Certainly sounds like it…

04 September 2015

A rap record from 1968? Certainly sounds like it…



Back in 1968 a comedian/entertainer named Pigmeat Markham released a record called 'Here Comes The Judge' in which he played the role of a judge dispensing comedic judgement on a series of defendants.

'Uhh, Uh, Judge, Your Honour Pigmeat Sir, Don't you remember me?'

'No, Who are you boy?'

'Well I'm the fella who introduced you to your wife.'

'To my Wife!? Life! You son of a gun you!'

The record was made with Pigmeat Markham speaking in rhythm and rhyme over a steady beat. The particular beat here is especially notable for containing a characteristic funk drum pattern common in early rap music and reminiscent of Boom-Bap Hip Hop of the early 90s.

In 1979 The Sugarhill Gang released the first hit rap record with ‘Rapper's Delight’, and in 1973 DJ Kool Herc was the first to form the basis of straight rap music by constructing an elongated funk drum beat using two turntables whilst speaking vocals over the top, But Pigmeat Markham deserves recognition for releasing one of the earliest records to contain fundamental elements of rap music way back in 1968.

Even if you're not a fan of the genre it's worth listening to this great record for a little bit of musical history. Plus, you get a snippet of Pigmeat Markham's brilliant comedy routine 'The Trial' which is still comedy gold even after 47 years.


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