NuArt Spotlight; Bordalo Segundo, Portugals leading Street Artist.

Bordalo Segundo

Bordalo Segundo, born in Lisbon in 1987, Artur Bordalo aka Bordalo II grew up watching his grandfather, Real Bordalo, painting the city of Lisbon. He presents us a figurative painting full of vivacity and movement, in which he paints his own interpretation of urban landscapes and city entertainment. He's explores his own mixed media, using garbage and recycled materials to add a further element to his street art pieces. It is not only a way to recycle, but also a critique of the world we live in, where we often have nice things, which are based on junk without realising it.

He works with a team to create huge murals, or by himself on railways. For us his work on the tracks is of particular interest. The history of writers painting on railway cars goes back to earliest days off graffiti. The way Bordalo reinvents this idea, by using the tracks to become part of his piece is whats so interesting. They are the simple pieces but he creates something quite powerful. We fine this becomes a feature of Bordalo's art, he always seems to add another element to anything he creates. Which is impressive, we can't wait to see what he delivers in Norway.