Interview: Introducing Fuzay & His Involvement in the AR15 Mixtape

24 August 2015

Interview: Introducing Fuzay & His Involvement in the AR15 Mixtape

Fuzay began his musical journey at a young age and progressed into the Urban scene first becoming part of Grime Group Dog Pound. His passion for music has seen him progress to featuring in studio sessions with the likes of Wiley, Roll Deep and Sneakbo. 

It was through such sessions that his single “Too Much Swagger” ft Sneakbo came about. After being featured on GRM Daily, stupid DOPE and 50 Cent’s, hype surrounding him as an artist began to grow.

Come 2013 and he was snapped up by one of the hottest Independent labels in the UK, Alwayz Recording. His talents continue to grow under the label and he has had the chance to feature on their upcoming mixtape AR15: Concrete Jungle.

Fuzay stands out due to his approachable nature and great charisma. We got a chance to speak to Fuze about his involvement in the mixtape and more...


PS: Thanks for the intro Fuzay. So how did you become involved in the AR 15 project and can you tell us a bit about your collaboration?

F: Well, I’m a part of Always recording so that’s how I involved and yeah I collabed with a few artists but you’ve got to download it to check it out.


PS: Hows the experience of working on a project like this been?

F: Its been good, its nice meeting new artists and working with artists you haven’t worked with before. For me, I’m an up and coming artist so any artist I work with is a honor and a privilege. So I really appreciated the opportunity and was really excited and happy to work with the artists that I worked with.


PS: Do you enjoy the production side of things / produce any of your own tunes?

F: I executive produce, but for me its more rapping and leave other people to produce the beats for me.


PS: What are your ambitions and where do you see yourself in a years time?

F: On a big stage performing at wireless, or really just all the big festivals, stuff like that. Creating a core strong family! But yeah man just getting out there, connecting with fans, putting on good shows, making good music and making some good money hopefully.


PS: And do you think the AR 15 project is a good basis to push you forward towards those goals?

F: Yeah definitely you can see what its done for section and hopefully it does the same for everyone else, its just a good project and its good to be a part of it, its history in the making its something that’s never been done before!


Keep up to date with @Fuzayofficial on twitter for more tracks and updates!


Interview: Joshua Mac & James Goldring

Photography: James Goldring