Supreme Get Slated For Their Winter 15 Collection

18 August 2015

Supreme Get Slated For Their Winter 15 Collection


Although opinion on comment posts is often divided and can be biased towards the demographic of its readers, it can sometimes give a good indication of how well a new drop has been received. Comments posted recently on a large streetwear news site, read rather unfavourably towards the unveiling of Supremes Winter 15 range. And although there is definitely some really nice pieces in the collection, the communities unrestrained opinions are rather amusing to read...


Supreme 2015 Fall/Winter Apparel Collection



"I don't even need to start a convo with chicks anymore...I'll just go up to them with my "Sup" quarter-zip pullover!"

"Not feeling E.T. tho"

"Agreed, I mean seriously.... this looks like a sears/walmart catologue"

"Too bad i'm too old for this and Supreme is for kooks now"

"Trash as usual. move along.. also lmao at those jeans"

"Straight up disappointed"


Supreme 2015 Fall/Winter Knits & Button-Down Collection

"After all the support, ds brands does nothing bt spill piss on our face"

"Kill the graphic designer responsible for that fucking world flag t shirt"

"Damn, new level boys, lets just fuckign say " its supposed to look bad " holy fucck. lmao. next level fashion, "lets just make this clothing so shitty"

"The orange peel though, lyk wtf"

"This is possibly the worst collection i've ever seen"

"Some shits strong some shits weak, thats life"


          Supreme 2015 Fall/Winter Outerwear Collection

          "The first jacket would be cool if you had like a giant dalmatian dog. You could be like twins, that'd be cool. I'd bet babes would like taht look."

          "Too many gag items. Trying to be edgy, but you are just copying a thrift store and people can't and won't wear these items."

          "Real trash. not one good piece."

          Overall Reception:

          "Hire someone new supreme."