So Whats The Story Behind The Stage Name Of These Rappers

20 June 2015

So Whats The Story Behind The Stage Name Of These Rappers



The name “Skepta” originated from the word Sceptre. A Sceptre is used by a magician to cast spells. He suggests he changed the spelling so it could be more easily searched on YouTube.

Dizzee Rascal

Used the name Dizzee D during MC carreer in late 90s, evolved later to Dizzee Rascal.

Tinie Tempah

Decided on his stage name while flicking through a thesaurus at 12 years old during school. He explains:

“I didn't get very far - I only got up to 'A'. "I saw 'angry' and beneath it the word 'temper' stood out but I was aware that might sound a bit aggressive, so I stuck 'tiny' at the front. By playtime I was Tinie Tempah and that's what I've been called ever since.". 

Professor Green

 Professor ''

Derrived from the Thundercats cartoon character, he used 'Wiley Kat' as his original pseudonym. 


The nickname "Eskiboy" derives from the name he originally gave to grime, "Eskibeat". It also comes from his famous underground grime instrumental "Eskimo". He was then known and nicknamed as "Eskiboy".


The name Giggs originated as he was formerly known as “giggler” and thus embraced this shortened name.

Wretch 32

“Growing up I was quite a mischievous kid and everybody called me a wretch. I liked it and it stuck and three and two are my lucky numbers.”


Easy one here… Kane Robinson.

Pusha T
Has never shied away from his drug dealing days through his rhymes. "Pusha T" (Push-a-Ton). Lyrics feature on one of his tracks: 
'Pusha a ton of that shit that makes ya nose run".


D Double E

Darren Dixon East London

Newham Generals 

Sprung from one of d doubles bars: 'If you mess with the Newham General you’ll get left in Newham General'


Assuming the nickname Chipmunk is based on his appearance. Though he sold out when in the US signing to T.I’s label Grand Hustle by shortening his name to Chip under the labels influence.


Her stage name stands for missing in action and derives from the unfortunate disappearance of her cousin of the same age. She states: "I wanted to make a film about where he was since he was M.I.A. (Missing in Action) in Sri Lanka. We were the same age, went to the same schools growing up. I was also living in Acton at the time. So I was living in Acton looking for my cousin missing in action".   

Chester P
Taken from The Chester P. Hackenbush Trilogy which are a collection of graphic novels from the 80s.


Tinchy Stryder
From the arcade game Strider and from the nickname given to him "Tinchy" due to his height at 5 ft 5 in.
K. Koke
'Is actually because I’m white and I spit that pure, raw music that has listeners hooked.'


Apparently it sounded really cool and God put previous names like ‘Wicked Skengman’, ‘Stiff-chocolate’, in his head. 


And finally Trim tops the UK list by responding…. “It came from road.”



In days as a youngn' he was known as "Jazzy." He later changed his rap moniker to Jay-Z to salute his mentor rapper and producer, Jaz-O, and the subway lines of his hometown of Brooklyn.

Left Eye

She was called Left Eye because at the beginning of her career she wore glasses with a condom in place of the left lense to promote safe sex.


Initially M&M (for Marshall Matthers) but later changed it to Eminem. It was probably a good idea for we doubt the Mars candy company would let the Detroit rapper live if he would have stuck with the former.

Snoop Dogg

Nicknamed Snoopy by his mom when he was a kid. He later added on to the Charlie Brown inspiration by adding "Doggy Dogg" when beginning his rap career through Death Row Records.

Rick Ross
Picked up his stage name from the drug dealer, Freeway Rick Ross. To this day, Ross gets heat for his nickname considering he was a correctional officer for 18 months in 1995.
Wiz Khalifa
After naming himself Wisdom, his uncle then added Khalifa, which means "successor" in Arabic. He later shortened his name to Wiz when he was 15 years old. His friends also called him young Wiz as he excelled in many areas.


Aubrey Drake Graham ecords under the mononym Drake.

Tupac Shakur


Tupac read a book written by Niccolo Macchiaveli while he was in prison, An italian who wrote about faking his own death. Tupac liked how Macchiaveli tricked the people and lead a secret life after faking his death and since then tupac took on his name for reasons that bring up a lot of discussions/heat/theories.  

Notorious B.I.G

The name Biggie Smalls came from a 1975 movie called “Let’s Do It Again.” In the movie, there were a group of gangsters lead by Biggie Smalls (Calvin Lockhart) who was hustling a boxer into thinking he was winning prize fights when he really wasn’t. When Christopher Wallace chose Biggie Smalls as a rap name, he was sued by Lockhart and forced to change the name to Notorious B.I.G.