10 February 2015


In case you hadn’t heard LEVELZ are Manchester’s newest, freshest and diverse export. Comprised of vocals talents such as T-Man, Skittles, Chunky, Chimpo, Fox, Black Josh, Sparkz and Thruthos Mufasa, as well as production and DJ input by the likes of Jonny Dub, Metrodome, Rich Reason & Bricky Mortar, this is definitely a heavyweight blend of Mancunian talent.

Late last year they dropped ‘LVL 07’ the first collaborative track featuring all the MC’s within the collective and it went off like a house on fire. Being premiered on their own one off Rinse FM show, and having heavy support from the likes of FACT, Mixmag & 1Xtra didn’t do them any damage either.


Last week they began their nationwide tour in Manchester at their ’spiritual home’ Antwerp Mansion and I was lucky enough to be in attendance. Throughout the night various members of the collective such as Chimpo and Metrodome span DJ sets spanning across a whole heap of genres with different MC’s from the camp hosting spraying bars over the top. The vibe was on point but nothing could have prepared me for when the whole group performed LVL 07. The club erupted and I don’t know how many reloads actually went down, but it was so many that T-Man began telling the DJ off because he had “two verses” and in actual fact he ended up spitting the first one well over four times. Complete with a stage dive from Black Josh, this was a somewhat legendary performance, with the crowd and artists both having an energy that although common in Manchester felt very special on this occasion. 

LEVELZ have confirmed shows throughout the next few months in Bristol, Nottingham, Stoke-On-Trent, Sheffield and Liverpool as well as their Room 2 takeover of Fabric in London on May 22nd. So if you reside in any of these cities I strongly suggest you head down to feel the energy for yourself. 

Big up LEVELZ.